The Curchitser Earth System Modeling Lab at Rutgers

ESM is a research program that explores the relationship between the physical climate system and eco-human-systems.

Challenging Our Environmental Impact

In a relatively short period of time, humans have created a significant forcing on Earth’s climate. As a result, we are confronted with new scientific, environmental, and societal challenges. Addressing these challenges requires an approach, which not only encompasses the traditional fields of Earth science (physics, biology, chemistry, and geology) but also incorporates the interactions between humans and the environment.

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Simulation Output on a Globe

Researching New Depths of Understanding

We’ve developed a modeling-based research program aimed at furthering our knowledge of the physical climate system and its interactions with eco- and human-systems. With a particular focus on the coastal ocean, a central theme of our research has been the exploration of links and feedbacks between dynamical components—physics, biogeochemistry, fish, and socio-economics.

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Our Facilities by the Numbers


pre- and post-processing servers (Proteus, Poseidon, Alnilam)


core linux compute cluster (Triton) with an Infiniband backbone


petabyte of high-speed storage